Do I need a Water Filter?

Protecting Your Family’s Health with Good Drinking Water is Important

If you are concerned that your tap water has a strange taste or smell, you may like to consider installing a water filter. Another common concern often expressed by our customers is what’s actually added to our drinking water. Australia’s drinking water quality is quite high in comparison to other countries, however microorganisms and trace chemicals can escape the treatment process. A home water filter effectively eliminates these potentially hazardous agents and is an important part in safeguarding your family’s health.

Water Health Hazards
Although the authorities in Brisbane expertly filter and treat our drinking water, potential microbiological and chemical risks may still exist.

Potential Biological Risks in our Drinking Water


Brisbane’s water authorities use chlorine as a disinfectant and this usually kills most bacteria. However, a few bacteria that have the potential to cause disease may still exist in drinking water. For example, those that are caused by contamination with excrement from human-beings or animals. Despite Brisbane’s water authorities adding enough chlorine residue to the water travelling in the city’s pipes, bacteria can potentially grow in water mains.


A few viruses can survive processes used to disinfect water. These viruses can damage our health, especially by causing intestinal disorders. There are also a number of viruses that are able to survive in the environment and stay contagious for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, tertiary water treatment may not completely ameliorate this health hazard.


Protozoa are single-celled microorganisms common is potable water. Feeding on bacteria and algae, protozoa, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, may result in some serious diseases upon exposure. The bad news is that these protozoa cysts can possibly survive traditional disinfection techniques.

Potential Chemical Risks Chemical Risks in our Drinking Water


Fluoride has been added in our drinking water for decades now and has a proven history of preventing tooth decay. However, toothpaste nowadays is fortified with Flouride. Although the addition of Flouride to our drinking water may help prevent tooth decay, a disease known as dental fluorosis or mottled teeth, may result from long-term over-exposure. Additionally, the latitudinal health effects of drinking fluoridated water are somewhat unknown.


When water is treated, Chlorine is used to kill water-borne bacteria. It also guards against recontamination during transit of water to the end user. However, Chlorine has the potential to chemically interact with natural organic substances and this can potentially produce dangerous by-products such as trihalomethanes or THMs.


Treatment facilities add Aluminium-containing substances in flocculation which is the process of removing particles from water and making it clearer. Despite the vast majority of aluminium being filtered out, small trace amounts may still remain.

Different Types of Water Filters

A large variety of water filters are available to purchase in Brisbane or online. That said, the two most effective varieties are the tap-mounted water filter and under-sink water filter. Before buying a water filter, be sure to check for NSF certification. NSF International is the certification authority for water filters and the two most important certifications your water filter should have are:
⦁ NSF 42 – Aesthetic concerns such as chlorine, taste, odour and particles.
⦁ NSF 53 – Health concerns such as cysts, organic chemicals and heavy metals.
Also, you should only buy water filters that meet or exceed Australian Standard (AS/NZS4348) that specifies characteristics such as taste, odour and impurities standards.

Tap-Mounted Water Filters

Tap-mounted water filters are one of the cheapest ways to purify your drinking water. They are simple to install and remove most contaminants including bacteria, sediment and chlorine. Nowadays, tap-mounted filtration systems possess strong water flow and the filters are simple to replace.

Under-Sink Water Filters

Usually, under-sink water filters will possess a longer life span and far better water pressure. These filters remove almost all major contaminants and significantly increase the quality and purity. Under-sink water filters are highly durable with a few even offering complex multi-stage filtration processes.

Why Should I Install a Water Filter?

Besides ensuring your family is getting the purest drinking water, having a water filter at your home or business has many other benefits, such as:
⦁ Eliminating the requirement to buy expensive bottled water
⦁ Removing sediment, rust and other heavy metals
⦁ Improving the taste & odour of our most important asset
⦁ Preventing damage to your plumbing system
⦁ Extending the lifespan of home appliances

How Can Hughes Plumbing Contractors Help?

Hughes Plumbing Contractors are Brisbane’s leading home water filtration experts. We offer an affordable and hassle-free water filtration installation and maintenance service for households throughout south-east Queensland. We have water filters to suit the budget and lifestyle of all homes and we are available at a time that’s convenient for you – even weekends!

For more information on how a home water filter can protect your family’s health, or to book your water filter service or installation, please contact Hughes Plumbing Contractors today.