Drain Smoke Testing

What Is The Drain Smoke Testing Process?

At Hughes Plumbing Contractors, we use a variety of proven techniques to diagnose issues with the plumbing systems within your property. One of these is the unique method of smoke testing in order to identify problems with your drains. By using our state of the art equipment, we will release a benign white smoke within the pipes which run underneath your home or business. This smoke will then spread around the entire drainage system all the way to junctions. This smoke causes no harm to humans or pets, and it is odourless and non-corrosive. Compared to other diagnostic methods, smoke testing is affordable, effective and highly accurate.

If your drain system is working as intended, the smoke will be seen exiting out from sewer vents around your home. However, if you have cracks or other issues within your pipes, the smoke may emanate through the ground, from roof gutters or other drain outlets. Any escaped smoke may be a sign of leaking gas or water. One of the major benefits of this drain issue diagnosis is that it works regardless of soil constituents or the depth of your pipes.

What is Drain Smoke Testing Used For?

Drain smoke testing is a cutting-edge plumbing technique, and we are able to identify many drainage issues that would go undetected with other methods. Cracked pipes, cross-connections, badly-installed drainage systems and escaped sewer gas are all common plumbing problems that we use smoke testing to identify. It can also be used to identify issues within the structure of your home, such as leaks under your floors, in walls and concrete slabs.

Sometimes we may uncover more serious issues with plumbing systems as a result of smoke testing. In the past, we have found illegally installed stormwater drains, unsealed pipes and badly-connected downpipes while undertaking our smoke testing procedure. However, there’s no need to worry. Although these issues are serious, it’s nothing that the team of experts at Hughes Plumbing Contractors can’t handle.

The team of licensed and qualified professionals at Hughes Plumbing Contractors can fix all kinds of underground drain issues efficiently and effectively. By observing which areas smoke is being emitted from, we can accurately diagnose issues and decide on an appropriate course of action to resolve them. Once we’ve found out what problems you’re dealing with, we are able to implement solutions that will minimise the chance of further drainage issues.

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