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Brisbane Backflow Test Due 31st December

If you’re located within the Brisbane Local Government Area (LGA), the due date for your backflow tests is the 31st of December. With the deadline only weeks away, now is the time to book your backflow test or risk large Council fines.

Under the Brisbane legislation, The Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018, owners of installed and testable backflow prevention devices must:

  • register the device with the local government
  • have the device inspected or tested annually by a plumber endorsed for backflow testing

The important point here is that not just any plumber can test your backflow device. The local plumbing company you use must have a backflow endorsement on their license. This ensures that they are skilled and capable of performing backflow tests to the required level. When you consider that backflow prevention devices play a key role in protecting our potable drinking water supplies, it’s obvious why plumbers performing these tests need additional qualifications.

If you’re under another Council in South-East Queensland, your backflow test due date is the 12 month anniversary of your last test. These Councils are also very serious about enforcing compliance with the backflow testing regulations, so no matter where you’re located in SEQ, make sure you fulfill your testing obligations or you may face steep penalties.

Backflow FAQs

What is a backflow prevention device?

A backflow device is basically a valve that stops harmful or contaminated water from entering the public drinking water supply. For example, a drop in water pressure due to a burst water main, may result in water from a private property to be sucked back into the water main.

What is the difference between a testable and non-testable device?

Backflow devices are categorized as testable or non-testable which is decided by the level of potential contamination represented (low, medium or high). If the potential for contamination on a private property is assessed as medium or high, then a testable backflow prevention device is required.

What installations need to install a testable backflow prevention device?

What installations need to install a testable backflow prevention device?

If you have any of the following situations at your property, you may have a testable backflow prevention device

  • Irrigation systems
  • Fire hose reels or fire hydrants
  • Commercial or industrial equipment which represent a drinking water pollution risk (e.g. air-conditioning cooling towers, chemical cleaning areas, etc.)
  • Water outlets that are located near potential pollutants, grease traps or chemical sources
  • Alternate water supplies

What are your responsibilities?

The owner of a private property must register all installed testable backflow prevention devices with their Council. Every year, all devices need to be tested by an endorsed backflow plumber and a fee paid to Council for each insallation.

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