Christmas Home Plumbing Tips

Christmas Home Plumbing Tips
Christmas Home Plumbing Tips

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Each year, a Brisbane Christmas brings with it the promise of pressies, overeating and plenty of laughter and good times with family and friends. Keep the good times rolling this year and avoid an emergency  visit by your plumber by taking note of these helpful Christmas plumbing tips.

  1. Going Away? Turn off the Water Mains

If you plan on travelling this Christmas, we cannot emphasise enough how important it is to turn off your water supply at the mains. Stories abound of people being forced to cut a holiday short and come straight home to Brisbane to deal with a flooded house at the worst possible time. Burst flexi hoses and leaky pipes are the most common culprits but you can prevent a catastrophe by following this simple tip.

Washing machines and dishwashers usually have the valves on all the time. As a precaution against a split hose and subsequent flooding, we highly recommend turning off the taps to these appliances as well if you’re leaving home for any extended period.

  1. Ask Guests to Wait 15 Minutes Between Showers

If you have a full house of guests over the Christmas season, make sure you ask them to wait at least 15 minutes between each shower. This will give your shower a chance to drain and reduce the risk of flooding associated with large volumes of water in a short period of time.

Additionally, all of those showers are going to be a drain on your hot water. By staggering showers, you’ll keep everyone happy and ensure all holiday guests can have a warm shower.

  1. Dispose of Fat & Oil in the Bin

Whether it’s turkey, pork, lamb or something else, there’s nothing like a Christmas roast. However, there’s also nothing else as effective as blocking your drains as fat, oil and grease. Commonly known as FOG clogs, these blockages are caused when these substances solidify in your kitchen drain. In order to avoid an emergency callout on Christmas Day to unblock your sink, simply wipe greasy pots and pans with paper towel then dispose of them in the bin. Alternatively, pour cool liquid fat into a glass jar and dispose of in the bin later.

  1. Tell Family & Friends to be Careful what they Flush

You’d be surprised what we find down sewer drains. From cotton balls and tips to sanitary items and even sunglasses, you name it we’ve seen it. However, the most common culprit of a blocked toilet is those nasty wet wipes. Although they’re labelled as flushable, they definitely are not. Make sure you tell your holiday guests to put everything in the bin except the three Ps – pee, poo and toilet paper. A small sign beside the loo can be a helpful reminder and might just be the difference between a functioning toilet or a Christmas plumbing disaster.

  1. Make Sure your Gas is Working

With all the cooking that’s going to be going on this Christmas, the last thing you need is to run out of gas or for one of your cookers to play up. Make sure you check gas levels in your LPG tanks as well as making sure your kitchen appliances are working properly.

Get Your Plumbing Ready for Christmas

By following these simple plumbing tips, you’ll be set for an unforgettable Christmas for all the right reasons. However, if you do need a hand with any plumbing, drainage or gas fitting work over Xmas, please contact the friendly team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors on 0406 288 142 or email for immediate assistance. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas!